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  • Published on: November 30, 2014
  • Last modified: December 15, 2014

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Find the best 5 star candle companies at THE site for candle lovers!

Shopping for the best scented candles on the market? All you need is CandleFind! Our website will guide you to the finest candles, candle stores and candle brands online so you don’t have to waste your time clicking thru to second-rate candle stores. Candle Find also features the latest candle sales and coupons, an A-Z list of candle companies, candle reviews and more. Just use the navigation panel above to browse our many interesting sections.

Our goal here at Candle Find is to make it easy for you, the candle shopper, to quickly find the candles you’re shopping for online! It’s our mission to find the BEST candles your money can buy!

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Pumkin Spice Muffin Pumpkin Candle – Goose Creek Candle Co
by Ann Frati
Goose-Creek-Pumpkin-Caramel-smallHey Candlefinders!! We are super excited to announce a wonderful gal and candle lover – Ann Frati – will be officially joining our Candlefind team beginning this week. And to kick off our announcement… here is her debut review… she tried an adorable pumpkin shaped candle in the scent Pumpkin Spice Muffin from Goose Creek Candle Co.

Ann loves to shop and pretty much in every type of home fragrance imaginable including bath & body. Read her bio here. She’ll be reviewing for Candlefind as well as our blog Candle Scoop so lots more to come.

Read Ann’s review…



Snickerdookle Candle – Mrs. Fields Candle Review
by Christina Rylan
mrs-fields-snickerdoodle-candleMrs. Fields cookies… Mmmmmm!! I can smell and taste one now. Melt in your mouth gooey – fresh from the oven goodness. When I saw Mrs. Fields candles… I HAD to have one of each to review. These candles are adorable… they look like minature little cookie jars and each fragrance is one of Mrs. Fields signature cookie scents. YUM!!!!

Up next… Snickerdoodle Cookies.

Read Christina’s review…



Cranberry Woods – White Barn Candle Co.

by Christina Rylan
Mmmm… Fall! I’m finally getting in the mood with all these warm and cozy fragrances out this year. White Barn Candle Co is one of my favorite Bath & Body Works brands so when I saw Cranberry Woods, I nabbed one up right away. It sounded so perfect for fall. Tart cranberries with the perfect touch if spice. YUM!!

Read Christina’s review…




Apple Strudel – Circle E Candles
by Christina Rylan
Apple-strudelI was really craving an apple scent when I discovered Apple Strudel from Circle E sitting on my candle shelf. I’m ashamed to say it had been sitting there for over a year (at least.) So many candles… so little time I guess. If you’re like me… you know what I’m talking about.

As soon as I smelled this candle, I instantly loved it! It smelled like the most delicious apple pie… lots of flaky crust with hints of baked apples and cinnamon. YUM!!!!!

Read Christina’s review…



Pumpkin Pie – Pure Integrity Candles
by Carolyn O’Conner
Are you searching for the perfect candle to burn for Thanksgiving? Boy do we have a candle to help you get into the festive mood… it’s Pumpkin Pie from Pure Integrity and it’s beyond authentic and perfect!! This fragrance is a classic and a long time favorite at Candlefind. We’ve all separately reviewed it – yeah, it’s THAT good but Carolyn explains it the best. So here you go….

Read Carolyn’s review…





Beach Day – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
I know I’m supposed to be knee deep into Pumpkin and Fall scents by now but I couldn’t resist sneaking in one last summer scent.

I was in the mood for something fresh and that’s when I decided on “Beach Day” from Bath & Body Works. This candle looked “beachy” and it smelled fresh and pretty.

Read Christina’s review…



Maple Butter – Village Candle
by Christina Rylan
I hit the jackpot recently and purchased a bunch of Village Candles on mega sale. I was beyond excited and the best part… I got to smell every fragrance before purchasing them. We all know being an online candle shopper, that doesn’t happen very often. I was in pure HEAVEN!!

The candles on sale were Village’s “Kitchen Collection” candles which are all bakery scents… my favorite!! After smelling all my newly purchased candles… Maple Butter was the candle I kept going back to over and over again… it smelled SOOOOOO good!!!!! I knew this was the first candle I wanted to review.

Read Christina’s review…



Key Lime Pie – Glade Candles
by Christina Rylan
glade-key-lime-pie-candle1My first Glade review… actually the first Glade review ever on Candlefind… I have been wanting to review Glade candles for a long long time but I haven’t cared for any of the candles I’ve smelled. Until now that is….

I recently saw a cute little display of Glade candles at Walmart and had to go take a peekie. Once I smelled Key Lime Pie… in my cart it went. It didn’t smell fake or chemically…

Read Christina’s review…



Fresh Eucalyptus Mint – Better Homes and Gardens
by Christina Rylan
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the candles from Better Homes and Gardens this year. They’re offering such a nice variety to please just about every nose… fruity, floral, fresh, bakery… you name it!

In this review, I was craving something a little more livelier than my normal bakery scents and decided to try Fresh Eucalyptus Mint…

Read Christina’s review…



Pomegranate & Fuji Apple – Candle-Lite
by Christina Rylan
I’ve been on the hunt for an authentic smelling Candle-Lite candle for years but all the candles I’ve found either smell chemically or fake and I could never bring myself to purchase any. It could be that I’m just super picky. Maybe… :)

When I spotted Pomegranate & Fuji Apple at my local grocery store and smelled it, I was excited… it smelled sweet and fruity and best of all… nothing fake about it. SCORE!!

Read Christina’s review…



Tropical Punch – Barn Candle Company
by Christina Rylan

This is my first experience with Barn Candle Co and so far… so good. I’ll be reviewing 3 different fragrances… first up is Tropical Punch. I was really excited to review this candle since there is a special story behind it. Did you know that Kool-Aid originated in Hastings Nebraska? And that’s where Barn Candle Co is located. Every year, Hastings has a Kool-Aid festival and Barn Candle Co was nominated to create the “Official Candle of Kool-Aid Days” I thought that was really neat and knew right when I heard that story I wanted to review this candle…

Read Christina’s review…




Trick or Treat – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
Have you tried Trick or Treat from Bath & Body Works yet? Oh my gosh!! I purchased this candle because I wanted to get at least one Halloween candle reviewed before October ends and I ended up falling in love with this candle!!It smells SOOOOOOOO good!!!!!

Before you click on the link below… we’ve added a new feature to Candlefind… we are now star rating candles we review from 1 star up to 5 and the best part… you can rate them with us. So if you’ve tried Trick or Treat… comment and rate the candle at the end of our review. We’d love to know what you thought of it. Read Christina’s review…



Margarita Time – Yankee Candle
by Christina Rylan
Hitting all the amazing Yankee sales has been very bad for my pocket book but I must admit… so much FUN! I’m trying some great fragrances and the latest one I’m loving… Margarita Time. This is one of their most popular scents this year and I can totally see why. I love citrusty scents… especially lime fragrances and this candle lived up to all my expectations (scent wise.)

Read Christina’s review…




Berry Pumpkin Cream – Better Homes and Gardens
by Christina Rylan

Okay, so it’s not quite fall yet but I coudln’t resist reviewing a Pumpkin scent a little earlier than planned. I saw Berry Pumpkin Cream on a Walmart shelf and the dark gorgous purple color called to me. It was so pretty.

Smelling it… YUM!!!! It smelled like a spicy and warm pumpkin cake. Had to review this one!!

Read Christina’s full review…



Nectarine Green Tea – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan

My last review of Bath & Body Works “Summer Sips” collection. I’m a little sad it’s over… this was such a fun series of candles and I really enjoyed them all. With summer coming to an end… Bath & Body Works will be retiring this collection soon. :(

So last but not least… Nectarine Green Tea… a light and refreshing scent that reminded me of sweet iced tea.

Read Christina’s review…



Fruit Fusion – Yankee Candle
by Christina Rylan
I have so many Yankee candles to burn and review… it’s makes me dizzy sometimes. It wouldn’t be so bad if these candles didn’t burn so dang slow but they do. Slow burning candles are a good thing but not if you’re in a hurry. :)

Next up… Fruit Fusion… a mix of tangy oranges, limes and strawberries… the scent description sounded mouthwatering and I couldn’t wait to try this

Read Christina’s review…



Sparkling Berry Fizz – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
I am having so much fun with these “Summer Sips” candle reviews. These candles smell AMAZING and I’ve loved every single scent I’ve tried so far. I really hope BBW’s brings back every one of these scents next summer… if you haven’t tried one yet… you must. They’re fun fragrances that really brighten up your home.

Next up… Sparkling Berry Fizz. This candle is darling with it’s bright Smurf Blue color and the scent… a wonderful berry scents.

Read Christina’s review…



Zesty Summer Lemonade – Better Homes and Gardens
by Christina Rylan
Iced cold lemonade-small

Have you tried any of the new Better Homes and Gardens candles lately at Walmart? Boy are they coming out with some great fragrances in so many different categories. Since I’m always attracted to lemon fragrances… this candle called my name. Lemonade… my favorite!! As soon as I popped off the lid and smelled it… I purchased 2. It smelled wonderful!!

Read Christina’s review…





Peach Cilantro Twist – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan

I am thoroughly enjoying all my “Summer Sips” candles from Bath & Body Works. They’re all so refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

Three down… two more to go. Next up… Peach Cilantro Twist. This candle smelled amazing cold – once burning… it totally changed.

Read Christina’s review…




Pink Apple Punch – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan

Pink Apple Punch is the second candle I tried from Bath & Bod Works new “Summer Sips” collection. This fragrance is soooooooo refreshing, tart and yummy!! I loved it!

Read Christina’s review…




Creamsicle, Mojito, and Breathe scented candles from Éclat Essence
by Cherie Jones
Éclat Essence… a company located in beautiful Hawaii sent our candle loving girl Cherie three of their lovely scented candles to review. I couldn’t think of a better reviewer for this company since Cherie happens to live on these beautiful Islands herself.

Éclat Essence candles have a luxury “spa like” quality to them and are made with pure essential oils in coconut wax. I have never burned a candle made from coconut wax so I’m looking forward to experiencing these candles for myself. They sound pretty wonderful.

Let’s see what Cherie thought of them…Read Cherie’s review…



Lemon Rind – Kringle Candle Co
by Christina Rylan

lemon-rind-kringle-candleLemon!! The ultimate clean and fresh scent… it’s my favorite EVER!!

I’ve been eyeing Lemon Rind from Kringle Candle Co for well over a year now and finally had the chance to try this mouthwatering lemon scent. Classic and true lemons are really hard to find, especially in a candle. Many smell fake, chemically or like lemon cleaner.

Yes, I’m a picky girl when it comes to lemon scents…

Read Christina’s review…



Mango Coconut Cooler – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan

Bath & Body Works new “Summer Sips” candle collection are candles totally up my alley… this theme centers around yummy and flavorful summertime drinks and are so colorful and refreshing.

First up… Mango Coconut Cooler. I couldn’t resist this one… it smelled like the most luscious tropical drink…. sweet and juicy mango’s smothered in creamy coconut milk!! Mmmmmm!!!!

Read Christina’s review…




Berry Sorbet – Colonial Candle
by Christina Rylan

Colonial Candles has been having the most AMAZING sales which are literally impossible to resist. Berry Sorbet was  the first candle in my cart and the first candle I wanted to review. It’s a gorgeous candle… a deep and rich dark purple and smells like sweet purple grapes.

Read Christina’s full review…





Sunset Beach – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
Are you a fan of fruity tropical scents? I just tried a new candle from Bath & Body Works called Sunset Beach from their frosted summer collection. I loved it! It was refreshing, fruity and gave a nice medium scent throw. The scent description reads: “The sweet fragrance of easygoing days at the beach filled with fruit pops, sugarcane and sunny days.”

Read Christina’s review…





Raspberry Linzer Cookie – Better Homes and Gardens
by Christina Rylan


Being the cookie scented lover that I am, I HAD to buy this candle. The price was also right at less than $8 dollars. Who can complain about that? Not me!! If you love Raspberry scents… the chances are you’re going to like this candle.

Read Christina’s review…




Bunny Cake – Yankee Candle
by Christina Rylan

Who purchases holiday candles “after” the holiday is over? MEEE!! I do!! I can never manage to buy candles pre-holiday… I always wait for the sale. Such was the case with Bunny Cake from Yankee Candle. This candle is too freaking cute and I wanted to review it!!

Yummy cake, creamy coconut with vanilla and jelly beans… I was in!!

Read Christina’s review…




Red Guava Lava – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan


Bath & Body Works has a whole Hawaiian themed candle line recently launched and one of them is called Red Guava Lava… what a cool name!! With summer in full swing, this was one candle I really wanted to try and review. Once I smelled it, Mmmmmm!!! Tart, fruity an a perfect summer scent.

Read Christina’s full review…




Lush, Eternity, Love and Green Apples and Lavender from Deco Candles

by Christina Rylan
It has been so long since I’ve posted a new review. We moved Candlefind to WordPress and it took forever to move. I was chomping at the bit but luckily, I had plenty to keep me busy during our forced hiatus. I reviewed some AMAZING candles from a company called Deco Candles.

This was an impromptu review… not one I had planned but now that I had a chance to try these candles out… I’m really happy I did. I reviewed 4 candles… all different and unique called Lush, Eternity, Love and Green Apples and Lavender.

Read Christina’s review…



Citrus Lavender – Goose Creek Candles
by Andrea Haskins
Citrus Lavender - Goose Creek Candle Review
Lemons and lavender seem like an odd pair but boy is it an awesome blend… it’s so refreshing and vibrant.

Goose Creek’s version – according to Andrea – is one of the best she’s tried and she’s sampled quite a few. Even if you’re not a fan of floral scents, you might be pleasantly surprised with this one.

Read Andrea’s review…




Corcovado Luxury Candle – D.L. & Company
by Andrea Haskins
Corcovado - D.L. & Company - Luxury candle review

D.L. & Company is fast becoming one of Andrea’s favorite luxury brands. Go browse their site and you’ll see why… their candles are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Andrea had the opportunity to sample a few candles from their newest collections. First up… Corcovado – a lovely candle from their Modern Alchemy collection.

Read Andrea’s review…



Sitota Collection Luxury Candle Review
by Andrea Haskins
Sitota Collection - Luxury Candle Review

Say hello to Sitota luxury candles… a line that pays tribute to the beautiful landscapes and cultures explored over a span of two decades… The Sitota Collection draws inspiration from exotic locales from different parts of the world where luxury resides in unique corners.

Andrea had a chance to try one of every scent offered and I think it’s safe to say she was in pure heaven. Check out her review and what her thoughts were on this exotic luxury collection…

Read Andrea’s review… 



Cozy Sweater – Yankee Candle

by Christina Rylan
Cozy Sweater - Yankee Candle


I originally purchased Cozy Sweater to review for Fall but timing just didn’t work out as planned… and that’s okay because this scent is perfect anytime of the year. It’s such a soft and pretty fragrance and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. :)

Read Christina’s full review…




Iced Cookie – Yankee Candle
by Christina Rylan
Iced Cookie - Yankee Candle


This candle sounded too good to be true. I’m a total cookie scented lover and am always in search of an awesome vanilla cookie candle. Plus, I’ve never tried Yankee’s Lumi-wick cracking candles and was really looking forward to the sound effects.

Read Christina’s review… 





Campfire Treat – Yankee Candle
by Christina Rylan
Campfire Treat - Yankee Candle


Marshmallow fragrances are really hard to capture in wax… the majority I’ve tried either smell fake or chemically. I’m always on the hunt for an authentic one.

When I saw Campfire Treat from Yankee, I knew I wanted to try and review this candle. I looks yummy enough to eat… question was… how did it smell?

Read Christina’s review…





Red Velvet Cupcake – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
Red Velvet Cupcake - Bath & Body Works


Mmmm!! Red Velvet Cake is one of my all time favorite cakes, to eat or smell so when I saw this candle from Bath & Body Works… several went into my cart and I knew it was the first candle I wanted to review. YUMMY!!!!

Read Christina’s review… 




Peppermint – from Goose Creek Candles

by Christina Rylan
Peppermint Candle - Goose Creek Candles


I love a good cool and minty peppermint candle… it’s one of my favorite scents all year long.

Goose Creek was having an incredible sale not long ago that was too sweet to pass up – as soon as I saw this candle on their sale page, I knew I wanted it. It’s really pretty too… a vibrant and deep red with big fat peppermint candies piled up on the label. A great visualization to this wonderful winter scent.

Read Christina’s review…




Apple Pumpkin – Mainstay
by Christina Rylan
Apple Pumpkin - Mainstay Candle Review

Have you ever wondered about all those inexpensive candles that line the shelves at Walmart? I have… the company is called Mainstay and it’s a brand I’ve never been adventurous enough to try. Every time I’ve smelled these candles, they smell fake and chemically. None have appealed to me.

I recently saw the scent Apple Pumpkin and was curious enough to smell it… surprisingly, it smelled pretty good so in my cart it went!

Read Christina’s review…




Lavender Eucalyptus Sweet Orange – Gold Canyon Candle
by Deirdre Bloom
Lavender Eucalyptus Sweet Orange - Gold Canyon Candle


This was such a delightful review to read! Deirdre stepped out of her “comfort” zone (which are foody type scents) and tried a fresh and floraly candle called Lavender Eucalyptus Sweet Orange from Gold Canyon Candle. This candle is really pretty and believe it or not…. she liked it!! Get ready to chuckle and smile…


Read Deirdre’s review… 




Harvest Party – WoodWick Candle – Virginia Gift Brands
by Christina Rylan
Harvest Party - WoodWick Candle


I really enjoy WoodWick candles. I love the sounds effects along with their amazing fragrances. It’s a treat.

I don’t buy these candles often enough and decided to splurge on a few right before Christmas. One of the scents I took a chance on… Harvest Party. It sounded interesting and looked so pretty. I knew it was the first scent I wanted to review.

Read Christina’s review… 




Pumpkin Caramel Latte – Bath & Body Works
by Christina Rylan
Pumpkin Caramel Latte - Bath & Body Works

It’s almost mid January and I’m *still* on a Pumpkin kick. There were so many great pumpkin flavored candles out this fall/winter that I had to have and planned on reviewing. I’m slowly but surely getting around to burning them now for Candlefind. Better late than never right?

My latest favorite… Pumpkin Caramel Latte from Bath & Body Works.This candle so so yummy!

Read Christina’s review…




8 Cheap & Best Candle Brands That Smell Great


Cheap and Best Candle Brands that smell great


Is there such a thing as a cheap scented candle that actually smells great? We put a list together of 8 candle companies that have very reasonable price tags for the budget conscience candle shopper. Some we highly recommend… some not so much.

Keep reading….





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