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Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candle – Better Homes and Gardens Review

Better Homes & Garden Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candle by Christina Rylan

Brand: Better Homes and Gardens

14oz Ceramic bakers jar

Fragrance: Frosted Vanilla Cupcake

Cost: $7.97

Scent Strength: Light




Christina Rylan scented candle reviewsIntroduction to my Better Homes and Gardens Frosted Vanilla Cupcake review:

Who hasn’t heard of Better Homes and Garden candles and melts? If you haven’t, no worries… just head on down to your local Walmart where pretty much every store has a nice variety of candles and melts to choose from. Each Walmart store carries different scents so you never know what you’ll find. I know we get a healthy amount of traffic on inquiries for various scents Better Homes and Gardens produces so people are definitely on the hunt for this brand. So, with all the hub-bub on these candles, I made a special trip to Walmart just to smell them. As soon as we arrived, my kids headed to the toys (at my urging), me… the candle section. I wanted to smell to my heart’s content with no (rolling of the eyes – Moooooom, you have enough candles) kidlet distractions.

Better Homes and Garden candles are not the only brand at Walmart but that’s what I centered on this time around. They have a nice display of standard jar candles (sniffed em all but didn’t really care for those… the Better Homes & Garden Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candlescents I smelled anyway) along with a huge selection of electric melters, clamshell melts and – what had me singing a happy tune… ceramic bakery jar candles in several delicious bakery scents. Presentation wise, A+ on their bakery style jars. You could literally place one in your kitchen and it would fit perfectly with just about any decor. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist purchasing a few to review. For readily available and mass produced candles and melts, these looked pretty darn good, very good in fact. And the prices, holy cow are they great! 2 bucks for a clamshell pack of melts, 8 bucks for a 14oz candle. Very affordable and guilt free prices for sure.First up to review… Frosted Vanilla Cupcake.




Better Homes & Garden Frosted Vanilla Cupcake CandleWhat does my Frosted Vanilla Cupcake candle look like?

SUPER cute candle!! The jar is made of cream colored ceramic and shaped like a cookie jar. It’s 14oz so a generous size for the price. There is a country style brown gingham checkered ribbon tied just below the lid with a Better Homes and Garden label on the face of the jar showing a yummy looking vanilla cupcake with sprinkles on top. Very well presented for sure. The wax was a creamy vanilla color and had one wick.




What did my Frosted Vanilla Cupcake candle from Better Homes and Gardens smell like?

Words of wisdom… be careful taking the lid off these candles. The lid fits snugly in the candle and the little knob at the top is kind of hard to grab and pull off the candle and if you aren’t careful, it will go flying when you pull it offBetter Homes & Garden Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candle the jar (been there, done that.) Smelling this candle cold… YUM!!!! It smelled exactly like a vanilla cake with sweet sugary whipped frosting. There was nothing chemically or plastic to this scent… just a sweet and creamy bakery vanilla (My favorite!!) Being a lover of bakery scents, I am always on the hunt for those sweet/moist cake-ee vanilla scents and this candle fit the bill, totally… I was instantly sold and in my cart it went!!

Cold sniff, A+… so how was the candle burning?

There was no scent description that I could find but one wasn’t really needed. You know exactly what this scent is the moment you see the label and smell it. Yummy creamy vanilla cake! Mmmmm!!!!!I lit my candle in a pretty big bedroom to get a feel for the strength. Usually, for this size candle, it should hold its own… fairly well anyway.  – – I checked back a ½ hour later to very little scent – so a no go on burning this candle in a medium size room. I ended up moving the candle to a small bathroom where it performed absolutely PERFECT! I would periodically check back to the most divine vanilla cake smell I’ve experienced in a long while. A smooth, rich, creamy and utterly delicious vanilla.Better Homes and Garden definitely nailed this scent dead on… the only negative is that it wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. I would have liked a room drenching fragrance – I didn’t get that but what I did get – I loved.




candle flameHow did my Better Homes and Gardens Frosted Vanilla Cupcake candle burn?

For one wick in a 14oz jar, this candle burned pretty decent. Nice melt pool of wax, the wick stayed consistent through the entire burning of this candle and had very little wasted wax at the end. Just keep the wick trimmed… I noticed on mine if I didn’t, the top edge of the jar would start to get black… once I trimmed the wick, it stopped. A wee bit of advice before purchasing these candles… check the wick placement before purchasing… I did notice that the wicks on about 20% of the candles on display were not centered. Not sure what that does to the burn performance but a centered wick certainly betters the odds I think. I’m kind of picky that way. :)




Overall opinion of Better Homes and Gardens Frosted Vanilla Cupcake candle:

I can see why candle lovers are going nuts over Better Homes and Garden candles. You can’t beat their prices for sure. Less than 8 dollars for a 14oz candle is pretty amazing. Let’s face it, candles are an indulgence, not a necessity so when you’re on a budget and find some at great prices… you definitely don’t feel as guilty buying a few.Frosted Vanilla Cupcake was a great candle – a very authentic bakery vanilla scent you will love (if you’re into sweet vanilla’s.) Presentation wasBetter Homes & Garden Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candle awesome and another great feature to this candle, you can clean out the jar and recycle it when you’re done and use it for anything you want… it’s a cute jar.My one and only complaint and this is a weak one… it wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. On a scale of 1 to 10 for the size candle, I would give it a 3, “maybe” a 4 but that’s pushing it. Regardless, I’ll for sure buy this candle again. I liked it in spite of the soft scent throw and for the price I paid, it can’t be beat. I’ll just burn this one in smaller rooms. I’m also going to watch for this scent in their clamshell melts… if I ever find them, a dozen are going in my cart for SURE!! Melts will always throw stronger than a candle. My Walmart didn’t have melts in this scent but if yours do… grab one (or two.)

In closing, go smell this candle next time you’re at Walmart. If you love a nice bakery vanilla, I bet you’ll smile in pure delight when you open the lid to this one. It sure pleased this vanilla lover.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina


**Better Homes and Garden Candles are found at Walmart. I have no found an online source for these candles.


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  • Frosted Vanilla Cupcake Candle - Better Homes and Gardens
  • Published on: June 9, 2013
  • Last modified: July 19, 2014

Review Summary:

A classic vanilla cupcake scent in a cute bakery keepsake jar.

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