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YumLicious Brand Soy Candles – Candle Review

YumLicious Candle review
by Julia Wooten 

Brand: YumLicious Brand Soy Candles

Type: 6.5 oz Soy jar candles 

Apple Harvest
Vanilla Hazelnut

Cost: $12.00 

Scent Strength: Varied



Julia Wooten scented candle review for Candlefind.comIntroduction to my review of scented candles from YumLicious Brand Soy Candles:

I first noticed YumLicious when it was called Yummy Brand candles. Since then, the company’s name and website have been given an updated look. The owner is the same, and they’ve been pouring candles and melts since 2002. The new website looks very professional and sleek. The scent descriptions are easy to navigate and interesting to read through. The candle jar styles are easy to find and each style has a detailed description, and many have extra photos with a zoom feature that let me see close up views of every product. That’s a bonus when shopping online. YumLicious has one of the best new website layouts I’ve seen. The website made shopping for candles a pleasure.

The scent list at YumLicious is a manageable size and is well rounded. I saw a little something for everyone without having to YumLicious Brand Candles reviewwade through a bunch of similar scents. Each scent description has a strength listed as Light, Medium or Strong. Not many vendors venture into suggesting what the strength might be. Everyone’s experience may be different due to our individual candle burning conditions, but I, for one, appreciate having some idea of the scent strength when ordering.

For this review, I’m covering a few different fragrance types. I sampled a floral, a fruit and a bakery scent.


What do my candles look like?

These 6.5 oz candles were clear glass tumbler style jars with silver lids that sealed well. Each jar had a small, clear label on the side with the scent name and the YumLicious logo on it. The labels could be peeled off easily, but I saw no reason to do that. Overall, I liked the look of these jars. The soy wax candles I triedYumLicious Brand Candles Review were all dye free and naturally creamy white colored. YumLicious recommends keeping it natural, but will add color upon request.

My order arrived well cushioned in bubble wrap. I sampled one of the candles in YumLicious gift wrap, which is available for a small fee. The gift wrapping had a very appealing presentation with the candle nestled into a simple white box filled with black crinkled paper shreds. The box was held with a black fabric ribbon that was neatly tied on top. Wrapped in these boxes, YumLicious jar candles would make great gifts. For myself, having the jars arrive in good condition is all that’s required.




How did my candles from YumLicious Brand smell?



“A sweet and subtle aroma with a hint of spice.”

Remember that classic scene from It’s a Wonderful Life where Mary hides from George in the Hydrangea bushes? I sure do. It has stuck with me through the years. Whenever I hear or smell or Hydrangea scented candle revieweven think of the word Hydrangea my mind races back to that one innocently sweet scene in that timeless movie. Because of that, the smell of Hydrangea makes me feel comforted and at ease. I get a feeling of small town 1930’s nostalgia where houses had picket fences and mothers fussily called out from the doorways.

This candle scent from YumLicious was so realistically Hydrangea it was uncanny. I got to enjoy several hours of Bedford Falls nostalgia thanks to this wistful scent. The scent was not too strong. It was like the flower smell drifted around lightly, instead of knocking my in the noggin. It scented my powder room more strongly, but I liked having the candle in my open living area best. I liked having the scent faintly dance around the room.




Apple HarvestApple Harvest scented candle review

“A true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice”

Apple scents can often seem light to my nose. I don’t know why…it’s just one of those quirks. I must say, however, I had no trouble smelling Apple Harvest from YumLicious. This 6.5 oz jar was a little powerhouse. From cold sniff all the way through to the last bit of melted wax, this candle threw apples like the tree from The Wizard of Oz!

Apple Harvest is one of YumLicious‘ best selling scents. It smelled fresh and authentic. Even though there is just a hint of spice to it, Apple Harvest was not a bakery type of scent. It smelled like a juicy red apple… loved it.




Vanilla Hazelnut

“A mouthwatering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla”

Vanilla Hazelnut was pure bakery. The hazelnut was the star of the show with this scent. Sure, there was a generous dollop of vanilla cream, but this yummy treat was all about the hazelnuts. Vanilla Hazelnut scented candle review I’m so used to associating the smell of hazelnuts with coffee, that this fragrance reminded me of a cuppa even though there was no coffee note in it. Vanilla Hazelnut was a buttery sweet smelling bakery treat. I craved sweets while burning this scent, but I didn’t have hazelnuts just lying around so I ended up heading out for a hazelnut coffee after all.

The scent throw from this candle was pretty decent. It was strong smelling when I was near it, and lighter in the rest of the room. I burned this candle in my son’s medium sized bedroom. For a brief time at least, his room smelled of nutty vanilla cream instead of funky socks.



Candle flameHow did my candles burn?

All three of these candles burned clean, with minimal wick trimming. The flame stayed bright and strong. The 6.5 oz jars burned quickly and formed a ¼ ” melt pool with each relight.



Closing to my review…Closing to my candle review of YumLicious Brand Soy Candles

I enjoyed the candles I tried from YumLicious. The jars were classically pretty and stayed clean looking. The labels were minimal. The scents were authentic and scented my rooms well, and the candles burned well. The Apple Harvest scent smelled the strongest followed by the Vanilla Hazelnut. Hydrangea was light and fresh. What more could one hope for? A sale? Well, Yumlicious has that covered. They offer Candlefind visitors an ongoing sale of 25% off – code CANDLEFIND and also offer occasional shipping specials and scent of the month sales too, so keep an eye out for those.

Happy candle shopping!

~ Julia

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