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Page 3 of our BIG Christmas Scented Candle & Melt Review

Christmas Scented Candle Review

Page 3  of our BIG Christmas Review!

A joint review by Andrea,
Julia and Avery

Companies reviewed
on page 2:

LOL Candles
Yankee Candles
Pink Flower Scents
Friendly Fumes
Cozy Cottage Scents
CYS Candles
Spotted Hog Candles
For Every Body Candles
Chery’s Candles & Gifts
Orchid Candle Co


Table of contents to this review



Cookies, Cakes and Baked Treats


Now that our mouths were watering, it was time for some good old fashioned holiday desserts. And our reviewers had NO problem rounding these up for us.


Julia started with…


Gingerbread Brulee

…from Pink Flower Scents (Comforting aromas of warm cinnamon and Gingerbread Bruleegingerbread swirled with caramelized sugar on a warm vanilla custard. An exclusive blend).

Julia told us:

I am a huge fan of gingerbread scents, so trying this interesting blend from Pink Flower Scents was a sure bet. This scent is more than a straight up gingerbread. It’s like a dessert with gingerbread on top. I could smell the brulee custard, the burnt sugar and of course the gingerbread too. One little ounce melt filled my kitchen with scent. It smelled cozy and inviting…awesome scent.

Visit Pink Flower Scents



For a spin on the gingerbread scent, Avery tried…


Orange Gingerbread

… from Friendly Fumes (Sweet orange essential oil and gingerbread fragrance.)

Orange GingerbreadAvery was sure to say:

Friendly Fumes has added Spa tumblers to their candle line. These are sleek and simple – they fit better into my décor than the apothecary style. I like the new option! This soy candle is orange – and it burned nicely – no soot or problems with the wick. The scent is heavier on orange than gingerbread to my nose – it is more pomander than bakery. It is one of those Thanksgiving into Christmas types of scents – it makes you feel cozy as the weather starts turning nasty outside, and as you scoot closer to Christmas, it is a soothing “present wrapping scent.”

Visit Friendly Fumes




Andrea tried…


Gingerbread Cookies

… from Cozy Cottage Scents (A freshly baked cookie with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.Sweet, Soothing and the scent flows. One of my Gingerbread Cookiespersonal favorites!)

Andrea noted:

“Run,run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!” Well, let me tell you. If the Gingerbread Man tastes anything like this melt from Cozy Cottage, he’d better start running faster! This is a super delicious gingerbread scent that is not too heavy on the spices. The sweet, creamy vanilla is blended in well to keep this from being too spicy or harsh. The scent throw was on the lighter side but still very, very good. Now – where’s my glass of milk?

Visit Cozy Cottage Scents




Going a bit sweeter Julia found…


Christmas Cupcake

… from Yankee Candle (An irresistible treat … rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery holiday icing.).

Christmas CupcakeJulia noted:

What could be better than a cupcake? A Christmas cupcake, of course. This melt from Yankee Candle was packed with vanilla. It was yummy sweet smelling cake with a heavy dose of vanilla extract. This is the way foody scent lovers ring in the holiday…with vanilla cupcakes and icing. Wonderful. I got a good, medium throw from my tealight melter with this scent. Since it was a Yankee Candle melt, I thought it was only fitting to melt it in a Yankee Candle melter. It was a match made in heaven.


Visit Yankee Candles





Needing some cookies on the table, Andrea pulled out…


Holiday Cookies

… from Laughing Out Loud Candles (Cookies aren’t just for Santa anymore. Christmas Cookies scented melts Theses fresh baked delights will please all year long.)

Andrea let us know:

Laughing Out Loud makes some of the best bakery scents out there and Holiday Cookies is no exception. This scent reminded me of some sugary butter cookies with a little something extra. Maybe frosting or sugar sprinkles on top? I’m not sure but all I can say is…Mmmmmm! This is one of their lighter scents but by no means is it wimpy. In fact this realistic, mouthwatering cookie scent will make your guests think you’ve been baking all day! The truth will be just between us.

Visit LOL Candles





Julia opted for some…


Winter Patries scented melt reviewWinter Pastries

… from Laughing Out Loud Candles

(Apple pastries infused with chocolatey cream, woodsy conifers, and cinnamon berries) Julia said: It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. Winter Pastries leaned heavily towards the woodsy pine with spiced berries. The apple pastries and chocolate notes were harder to detect. It seemed like an odd combination of fragrances for one tart, but surprisingly, the scent worked well. I liked Winter Pastries. It had the right amount of spice to give the pine an extra bit of Holiday twinkle. The melt I tried filled my main area with fragrance that ws enjoyable with every inhale, but not overpowering.

Visit LOL Candles



Cranberries, Bayberries and Mulberries


If berries are your thing, then you are surely in luck during this holiday. Berries abound and our reviewers were determined to try a good representative mix.

Avery spiced things up with…


Spiced CranberrySpiced Cranberry

…from Cleanse your Soul (Fresh, tart cranberry with a hint of spice.)

Avery said:

I usually have good luck with the throw on my CYS tarts, and this one was no exception. I used a tealight melter for this dark red melt, and in no time the medium sized room was bursting with zesty cranberries! This is one of the scents you look forward to on the Holidays, whether it is Uncle Larry’s cranberry nog, or the fresh batch of cranberry sauce making its way to the dining table, that spicy cranberry combo screams festive!

Visit Cleanse Your Soul





Don’t like your cranberries spiced? Then follow Julia’s lead with…

Sugared Cranberries

…from The Spotted Hog (Tangy, tart cranberries rolled in sweetsugar crystals.)

Sugared Cranberries scented candle reviewJulia told us:

Oh my goodess. This scent was a bright and cheerful, year round happy explosion of sweet cranberries. Similar to Bath and Body Works’ Frosted Cranberry scent, this little gem from The Spotted Hog delivered sweet goodness all through the house. Everyone in my family liked Sugared Cranberries, so I know this will be a definite reorder. Sugared Cranberries had the right amount of sweetness, mixed with just enough pucker power…it got high marks around here.

Visit Spotted Hog Candles




Mixing those darling cranberries in with some greenery is a festive idea indeed. Avery tried…


Cranberry Wreath

… from For Every Body Candles (The aroma of fresh cranberries mixed with a hint of sweet vanilla.)

Avery stated:

My version of a little Christmas miracle? Going to a store like TJMAXX, Ross, etc., and finding the scent I almost ordered on line! Oh happy day! CranberryCranberry Wreath scented candle review from For Every Body Wreath has been a great Christmas scent from For Everybody. I ended up finding a tin, no longer available on the site, but the scent is still the zesty, fruity cranberry that can be purchased in the melting blocks and glass containers. Of course, half the fun of picking out your FEB candles is looking at the artsy labels and the fun embeds on top of the candle. Like the current candle available, this tin had Folk Art drawings of sparkly cranberry wreaths on the label, and the wax was a deep red with three red “cranberries” on top – finished with a sprinkle of red glitter. Yes, the current 22oz candle is topped with the same festive detail! The small 4oz tin has a throw that scents the powder room with its wonderful zesty Holiday scent. The candle burned cleanly, a little wax remained on the side. Time for the tart warmer, not a speck of scent gets wasted in this candle-lovers home!

Visit For Every Body Candles



Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other celebrations

Christmas is not the only celebration this time of year. Scent makers know this and are coming out with more and more scents to represent celebrations of all kinds.

Julia was able to find…


Hanukkah Memories

…from Laughing Out Loud Candles (Grape and strawberry jellies mingled withHanukkah Memories scented melt review fresh doughnuts and then combined with light notes of apple, cinnamon and vanilla)

Julia says:

Different families celebrate different holidays, so I wanted to check out Hanukkah Memories from LOL. Who knew Hanukkah smelled this enticing? This scent was a fruit filled bonanza. Not like Fruit Loops, but more berry-lke. It reminded me of spiced gum drops and fruity cake. The melt was plenty strong enough to scent my entire bedroom and waft on down the hallway.

Visit LOL Candles




Holiday time


No matter what celebration you choose to observe, we can all agree this is simply a festive time of year. There were plenty of scents that tried to wrap up that holiday joy for our noses to behold.

Avery started with…


Christmas Essence

… from Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts (A very mint and refreshing scent.)

Christmas Essence scented candle reviewAvery writes:

This scalloped tart was actually a sample that Cheryl had sent with one of her orders. It was a little smaller than her usual tarts, but it still had an impressive throw. This is a eucalyptus and pine blend to my nose – I don’t pick up any stray scents. It is truly the “essence” of Christmas in my book – how could you possibly get through the Holiday without the evergreen notes? Add to that the icy minty menthol which is a vital part of the “feel” of Christmas for me. Those Santas in hula skirts are wasted on me – make my Christmas a white one!


Visit Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts




There’s something almost magical about the night before Christmas. Avery brought us…


Christmas Eve

… from Cozy Cottage Scents (Harkens the scent of candied fruit and frosted cookies – true visions of sugar plums – with notes of brightly-wrapped hard candy, vanilla, and an evergreen wreath on the front door)

Avery says: Christmas Eve scented melt review

It does not matter who makes this scent, I smell different notes each time I sniff a candle or tart called “Christmas Eve”. Each vendor’s version seems a little different and it makes it fun to have 2 or 3 different ones melting in the house at the same time, in different rooms, to compare the scents. This scent is always a great blend – and as is the case in the real Christmas Eve night – there is a lot going on! Cozy Cottage’s blend first emphasizes the sweetness in their light green melt , sort of a tangle of vanilla and fruity hard candies. The candies seem a little berryish to my first sniff and then later sniffs seemed plum-like. There are occasional wisps of evergreen, but the vanilla cookie blankets this blend so it is very soft. I used a tealight melter and although the scent only lasted about 2 hours, it was strong! I confess that once I popped the melt out of the top of my melter, I did not throw it immediately away – I kept it by the side of my computer for a little “cold-sniff Christmas lift”!

Visit Cozy Cottage Scents




And then all that anticipation pays off – Christmas day has arrived! Avery rounded up…


Christmas Morning

… from Orchid Lake Candles (A pleasing blend of spruce, lightly sweetened Christmas Morning scented candle reviewbakery notes, cinnamon spice, and candied fruits.)

Avery noted:

Orchid Lake Candles is a new company to me. This company is run by a mother and daughter, and I was excited to try a new vendor! The tart I am trying is called Christmas Morning, and it is a light green soy cup. I used a tealight melter for testing, and the tart softly scented a medium size room. The name fits well, the first note for me was an evergreen scent that had been sweetened a little, the finish was spicy like cinnamon. This is a perfect combo to me – getting up, hanging around the tree and eating cinnamony Holiday pastries…killing time until it is time for presents!

Visit Orchid Lake Candles



Conclusion to our Christmas Review… Christmas gal

It is true that all good things must come to an end. As you can see there is something for just about everyone during this holiday season. Our reviewers hope they were able to help point your nose in the right directions. Be happy, be merry and be sure to enjoy your wonderful scented excursions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ~

Andrea, Julia and Avery


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Table of contents to our big Christmas review



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