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Halloween Scented Melt Review for 2009

Halloween Scented Candle review,, the site for candle lovers
by Julia Wooten


Laughing out Loud
Dark Candles
Crosscreek Country Candles
Nene’s Kitchen Melts
Spotted Hog Candles
Cozy Cottage Scents


Type: Melts


Halloween seasonal scents

Cost: $1-$2 each


Scent Strength: Varied




Julia's scented candle reviews,, the site for candle loversIntroduction to my Halloween Review:

Halloween is coming around again… Hooray! After a long hot Summer, the idea of Halloween approaching is such a welcome thought. Along with Halloween comes the cooler night air, football season, way too much candy, and a whole new variety of spooky fun scents to smell.


I enjoy the fun of this season, so I stretch it out for as long as possible by pulling out my decorations a little bit early… yep, I’m that neighbor… the one with the scarecrows and skeleton in the yard on October first. Living this far south where the change of seasons is barely perceptible, I rely on our fall traditions to get us all in the spirit of Autumn like pumpkin carving, a trip to a haunted house… I’d even go on a hayride if I could find one. The best part, the most anticipated, the crown jewels of Halloween… are the smells. I love Halloween scented candle review,, the site for candle loversreading all of the new scent names and descriptions, not to mention smelling them.


I’ve pulled together several of my favorite Halloween scents for this review, and as you wax tart fanatics know there are plenty more to be found, so don’t be afraid to trick or treat at your own favorite vendor’s door and see what fun new fragrances you can discover. That would be the ultimate trick or treating, wouldn’t it? Just imagine… going door to door and having wonderfully scented melts dropped into our out stretched hands. Hey, I’d even put on a costume for something like that.


Here are several Halloween scents offered by some tried and true vendors. There are lots more great scents yet to be smelled, but I had to narrow my list down to just some of my favorites this year.


Laughing Out Loud Candles

Laughing Out Loud Candles is a benchmark for great tarts and candles. They have consistently high quality products and outstanding customer service.


Besides, how could I resist including a scent called Broomsticks & Pumpkins? Too tempting to pass up. Here are a few of their Autumn scents:


Candy corn Buttercream

“Rich buttercream frosting & candy corn. YUM!”Candy Corn Buttercream scented melt review, LOL Candles,, the site for candle lovers


Many holidays have their signature candy. Easter has jellybeans, Valentine’s Day has chocolate, but nothing says Halloween like candy corn. What could be better than the smell of those little colorful nuggets of pure sugar with that touch of honey? Well, LOL candles thought of one improvement… how about pouring a bag of candy corn into, say, a big bowl of buttercream frosting? Now that would say Halloween with a capitol Hallow.


I’m here to tell you, it works! The buttercream in this scent is not just an afterthought. It is front and center in this yummy scent. It’s like buttercream with candy corn on top. Wonderful, sweet goodness.




Pumpkin Ice Cream CakePumpkin Ice Cream Cake scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

“Rich vanilla bean ice cream infused with pumpkin pie chunks!”

Pumpkin pie and vanilla bean ice cream. That sounds good enough to eat! There is lots of pie here. The ice cream is just like a scoop on top to mellow out the pumpkin pie spice. This is another winner from LOL for Autumn and beyond… from Halloween well past Thanksgiving. This scent smells delicious with its spicy cinnamon and nutmeg and it’s creamy smooth ice cream. It’s plain and simple and yummy as can be.





Broomsticks & Pumpkins scented melt review,, the site for candle loversBroomsticks & Pumpkins


“You’ll catch her flying on her broomstick on dark & mysterious full moon nights as she harvests her pumpkins.”


From reading the description, I was expecting lots of patchouli or frankincense… something dark and mysterious, maybe even some dry hay. when I thought of Broomsticks and full moons, but this scent was completely different. It couldn’t be further from my expectations.


What my nose smelled with Broomsticks & Pumpkins were mulling spices and bittersweet citrus notes. I don’t smell much pumpkin in this scent. This smells citrusy but not in a foody way. It’s like a fall festival in the country. Homey and fun at the same time. This scent is a great way to welcome Autumn.




Scarecrow Cupcakes

“Dreamy vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting & a touch of buttery cinnamon.”

Scarecrow Cupcakes scented melt review,, the site for candle loversDreamy is right! Scarecrow Cupcakes is phenomenal! The buttercream frosting is so intense and sweet… it’s a huge explosion of sugary, buttery goodness. I immediately thought about licking the frosting beaters before you put the buttercream on the cake. I didn’t smell a whole lot of cake… this was like a kid’s dream cake that is more icing than actual cake.


I didn’t smell much cinnamon until the very end, but the scent was out of this world… most definitely a reorder any time of year. The scent was super strong and I had cut the two ounce tart in half for this trial. It was incredibly sweet and tasty. Quite possibly my favorite cake blend from LOL Candles to date. Yum!


Visit Laughing Out Loud Candles



Dark Candles

Since trying Dark Candles, I can’t imagine a Halloween without some of these creative melt scents. There are plenty to choose from on their website, and they even roll out some special scents made just for Halloween. The website is fun to browse and is darkly spooky.

Apparition Apparation scented candle


“The Madame of the Manor has decided to make her appearance. A sophisticated, feminine, and haunting blend of a time long forgotten with sweet ginger plums amplified by a strong black tea and soft, fragrant marigolds.”


This apparition must have been the Ghost of Aunt Bea, because that’s what I got from this scent… a powdery, flowery cloud of a ghost. Despite the Mayberry image that I just couldn’t shake, I still liked this scent, partly because I’d been smelling a lot of spicy pumpkins and apples lately and my nose was ready for a change… but I have to say… the men folk around here were not nearly as enthusiastic about sweet little old ladies haunting our living room.




Haunted House


“A spellbinding blend of haunting forest woods, spooky spices and the witch’s little dark secret. A dark sensual fragrance Haunted House scented candle review,, the site for candle loverswith a musky quality.”

This melt is very relaxing. It smells like old wood, and powder. I smell the muskiness, but in a good way. I think there may also be a touch of patchouli in there too. I really like this scent. It’s got a heavy, mysterious quality to it, and it sits thick in the air. This may be my top choice for October 31 this year. It’s odd how a scent can smell like Halloween night, I mean, what does Halloween night smell like exactly, and how can it possibly be duplicated? Dark Candles did it with this scent. It smells like all things Halloween, from the musty costumes pulled from a closet to the leaves crunching underfoot, to the festive smells coming from friendly neighbor’s doorways as we trick or treat… all mingled with a dash of spooky fun. The only thing that could add to this scent would be a sweet confection… a chocolate bat perhaps. Chocolate Bat is another scent offered by Dark Candles and would be the perfect companion scent to Haunted House.



Chocolate Bat

“A tantalizing blend of chocolate and a mixture of Halloween candy!

Reminiscent of an orange plastic Jack O’ Lantern full of Halloween loot! ” Chocolate Bat scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers

You got it. Chocolate Bat is here to round out the merriment of Halloween Night. After all, Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without all of the candy. This description mentions the orange plastic Jack O Lanterns, but my boys each use an old pillowcase to haul their coveted loot. They start out with grand plans of filling the pillowcase entirely, but to date, they have never gotten it more than half way full. They get tired of walking, and anxious to get to the candy sorting, trading, and eating part of the night.


This scent smells like a big pile of candy spread out on the living room floor, being bartered. Kids turn into little candy stockbrokers on Halloween Night. Even kids too young to count money know the value of a good candy trade.




Jack O’ LatteJack O' Latte scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers

“Pumpkin Spice flavored Latte, the perfect coffee-inspired scent to carry you into the fall season.”


I thought I had the wrong scent in the melter. I expected a more sweet fragrance for some reason, but this was most decidedly not sweetened. The spice and pumpkin were good and strong. It smelled like fall, for sure… from across the room I smelled something like leaves and maybe even some wood smoke mixed in the blend, which really threw me. Up close, I could pick out the coffee and the pumpkin clearly over any other scent notes. It was an interesting scent, the way the smell seemed to change depending on how close I was to the melter. I would not consider this to be a bakery type of scent. It’s a must try for true pumpkin puree fans and those less inclined towards sweet fare.




“An old forlorn, crumbling cemetery with strong tones of wet earth blended with a hint of Frankincense and a touch of myrrh. “


Graveyard scented melt review,, the site for candle loversI was a bit skeptical about this scent. It wasn’t the wet earth I was apprehensive about, strangely, but the Frankincense and myrrh. That’s what was scaring me, but I had nothing to fear here. This scent was absolutely beautiful in my bedroom. It was calming and tranquil but not a light scent. It had a mystical feel to It, but not so much that I thought I was in an opium den. It was nicely balanced and complex. It seems that many of Dark Candles scents work really well in my more serene bedroom than the chaotic rest of the house, and this was surely one of those steady, quiet scents.


Visit Dark Candles



Crosscreek Country Candles

Crosscreek is another one of my go-to vendors for scented tarts. There are lots of cute grubby and seasonal shapes here as well as regular scalloped melts. Shipping is lightning fast and the scents rock. Customer service is fantastic too. I found several great Halloween scents here, and most of them are exclusive Crosscreek blends.

All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow'sEven scented ment review,, the site for candle lovers“A spicy mulled grapefruit type with a fruity citrus orange-grapefruit top-note, cinnamon leaf, spicy middle-notes and a soft musky, sweet vanilla base-note”


I have wanted to try this scent for a long time. I’ve seen it every time I order at Crosscreek, because it is the first scent listed in the drop down scent menu. If you decide to try All Hallow’s Eve from Crosscreek, you will see what I mean. I’ve put it off, thinking it was strictly a Halloween scent.


Much to my surprise, I didn’t get a distinct feeling of Halloween from this scent. This tart citrusy scent was exactly as described… like a citrus cider… but I thought the name was misleading. I should have tried All Hallow’s Eve sooner. I like the spices in this blend… that’s what carries this fragrance easily into fall, but the citrus makes this a scent for any time of year.

I was happy that the throw was not too strong, because the zingy grapefruit could have been overwhelming. As it was, I thought it filled the room nicely without chasing us all out of the house.




Tricky TreatsTricky Treats scented ment review,, the site for candle lovers


“Trick or Treat? I say treat! This sweet treat is a blend of warm taffy apples, candy corn and cider. Perfect for those cool autumn nights! A Crosscreek Exclusive Blend!”

I enjoyed this scent. The taffy apples comes through the strongest, and some mulling spices follow. I didn’t smell the candy corn as clearly, but then I’d been sniffing a lot of candy corn for this review so perhaps my nose became immune to it. The sweetness in this scent makes it a good compliment fragrance to something more spooky like Hayride or Patchouli.


It’s a nice mild sweet scent… not scary… reminiscent of brightly lit Halloween parties where the little ones dunk for apples and the costumes are more clowns and ballerinas than ghosts and goblins.




Boo Berry Cupcakes

“Vanilla cupcakes blended with blueberries and a hint of spice. A Crosscreek Exclusive Blend!”

Boo Berry Cupcakes scented melt review,, the site for candle loversBoo!… berry that is. I liked this happy bright scent. I melted this tart first thing in the morning and the smell of blueberries danced around the kitchen waking everyone up. My nose smelled a note of cream cheese which could have been the cupcake part of the scent. I’m not sure… I just know we liked it around here.


The blueberry didn’t smell like fresh berries off the vine… it smelled like blueberry fragrance. I have yet to find the true smell of blueberries in a wax scent, but I’ve come to appreciate the wax version of blueberry… sort of in the same way a cherry lollipop doesn’t taste like fresh cherries, but I like it anyway. This scent was strong too, and lasted most of the day.




Candy Corn CookiesCandy Corn Cookies scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers


“yummy fresh baked cookies and candy corn… mmm good! A Crosscreek Exclusive Blend!”

Maybe it’s because I have school age children, but this scent smelled like classroom Halloween party cookies. Not the party itself… not quite… more like the night before when the cookies are still being baked and decorated with yummy candy corn… but you can’t eat them because they must be saved for school the next day. Cookies smell better when you aren’t supposed to eat them yet, and candy corn never tasted as good as when you are sneaking a couple out of the bag.


This scent was like sweet torture, because I could only smell it… not taste it. The throw was mercifully medium in my largest room.



Monster Munch scented melt review,, the site for candle loversMonster Munch


“lets give the monsters some luv for this yummers blend :) we got hot caramel roasted peanuts, candy corn candies and gooey marshmallow, ya gotta grab some of this sweet treat! A Crosscreek Exclusive Blend!”


I hope you don’t want to tame the wild beast with Monster Munch, because this is wildly good. All of the monsters in my home were even more fired up than usual. I wonder if one can get a sugar rush just from the smell of something sweet. This scent rocked the house! I wanted to eat this. It was so nutty and buttery and sweet.. Just a big gob of chewy, nougaty goodness. One little tart filled the whole house with this dentist’s nightmare of sugary sweet peanuts and candy. My teeth ached, but I still couldn’t get enough… Awesome, strong scent.


Visit Crosscreek Country Candles

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On page two, Julia reviewed scents from Nene’s Kitchen Melts, Spotted Hog Candles and Cozy Cottage Scents.


List of companies Julia reviewed in her BIG Halloween scented candle & melt review:


Laughing Out Loud Candles

Dark Candles


Crosscreek Country Candles


Nene’s Kitchen Melts


The Spotted Hog Candles

Cozy Cottage Scents

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