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Sugar Cookie Scented Candle Review, Page 2

Our BIG Sugar Cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers
Our BIG Sugar Cookie Scented
Candle Review

by Christina & Lisa

A comparison review of sugar cookie scented candles and melts from over 21 different candle companies. Page 2 




Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversPowdered Sugar Cookies from For Every Body

For Every Body have some pretty clever looking candles. Most are always decorated to match each scent theme and their bakery scents (that I’ve tried) have been pretty authentic. Some of their candles haven’t burned the greatest and some haven’t been very strong but for the price I’ve paid for the majority of these candles, they’re still worth it and fun to buy. You can purchase this brand directly from their website or from Kohl’s Department Store which is where I do most of my purchasing and a guaranteed surety I’ll end up buying since I can stand there and smell all the candles. It’s such a luxury these days to actually smell a candle before buying it.I was Christmas shopping with girlfriends in early December when I spied a display of Powdered Sugar Cookie candles at the checkout stand. I really did avoid the whole candle section while I was there, not wanting to subject my gal pals to lugging 40 pounds of candles back to our car should I have ventured to that location. So, I was a good girl till I spied that display. Being that I had to wait in line anyway, I figured I would mosey on over there since I had some time to kill and then when I realized they were sugar cookie scents, WHY, it was destiny!! I knew I was planning this review and figured fate had a hand in this, besides, I wanted all the sugar cookie scents I could get my hands on so I was happy! They smelled so good cold, I bought three!!
Powdered Sugar Cookies, For Every Body Scented Candle Review,, the site for candle lovers
I’ve always heard great things about For Every Body’s sugar cookie scent. Carolyn reviewed a version they had several years ago and she loved it, so…. I was looking forward to burning these candles. They sure smelled delicious cold!! I lit one up in my bathroom and waited and waited for the glorious scent to waft through the room and every time I went in there to take a sniffer, I smelled a nice and sweet vanilla. It was nice but this candle did not smell as good burning as it did cold… go figure? The cold smell was a very sweet bakery bread smell, I could even smell the powered sugar… it was exactly what I was hoping for in a sugar cookie scent. Once it was burning though, the fragrance did not smell as sweet. It was nice but if I’m being honest, the hot fragrance lacked that sugary dough smell I detected when I first popped the lid off this candle.

I did look on their website and didn’t see Powdered Sugar Cookies in their selection to purchase so I’m guessing some scents are only available at Kohl’s…. so if you wanted this scent, you’ll have to venture to your local Kohl’s. I did see other sugar cookie scents online such as Grandmas’s Sugar Cookie, Yummy Sugar Cookie, and plain Sugar Cookie so if you’re an online shopper only, those are your choices.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and have no regrets. For a mass produced candle, it was pretty good and for the price, they’re definitely worth it.

Visit For Every Body



Nene's Kitchen Melts Sugar Cookie scented melt review, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversSugar Cookie from Nene’s Kitchen Melts

This is another one of my all time favorite companies to buy melts from. I’ve spent gazillions of dollars here and don’t think I’ve ever gotten a dud… maybe scents that weren’t my forte that I’ll never order again but never a dud. I already had some sugar cookie kitchen krumbles (Nene’s version of tart brittle) on hand so I didn’t even have to purchase any for this review. Sugar Cookie is described as:

“Warm sweet cookies sprinkled with sugar crystals.”

As I usually experience with Nene’s melts, the scent throw was killer strong which I love! I could smell the fragrance within minutes of throwing a handful of krumbles into my melters… the whole upper level of my house smelled like a warm bakery vanilla.

This was indeed a warm and sugary vanilla and it did smell delicious. I don’t think out of all the scents I’ve tested so far that it’s my favorite of the bunch or I’m dying in love with it but it’s a nice and consistent bakery vanilla.

Visit Nene’s Kitchen Melts



Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie, The Spotted Hog Candle Co, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversVanilla Bean Sugar Cookie from The Spotted Hog Candle Co.

Spotted Hog Candles have a ton of bakery scents that are so strong and authentic…. their menu is a bakery scented lover’s dream. Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie was a last minute addition to this review because I didn’t even know they carried a sugar cookie scent. The last one they offered was the dreaded “gourmet sugar cookie” and you know how I feel about that one…. gag!! So when I found out they had a new version, I asked them to send me a few melts for this review. Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie is described as:

“Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies… delicious with rich, buttery vanilla”

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie,, the site for candle loversI kind of condensed that description to the relevant part pertaining to cookies… I guess this scent is a spin off from Vanilla Bean Noel, a White Barn Candle Co exclusive. I’ve burned that candle from White Barn and it’s good so I was looking forward to melting these tarts. I’m a sucker for sweet buttery vanillas.

Smelling these melts cold, it was hard to gauge the actual scent but once melted, oh my word, the scent really comes to life and is indeed a rich and buttery vanilla scent and didn’t smell anything like the White Barn version (at least to me anyway)… it’s good…. it’s a sweet vanilla bakery so I can totally see why this is called Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie. I don’t think I smelled doughy/bread like a cookie but it was very bakery, warm and delicious.

Visit Spotted Hog Candle Co



Supreme Sugar Cookie from Soy Lovely Candles, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversSupreme Sugar Cookie from Soy Lovely

Soy Lovely is fast blossoming into a favorite soy candle company of mine. I enjoy paraffin wax just as much as soy but there are just some bakery scents by nature that smell better and more realistic in soy wax… and this company has some great fragrances.Soy Lovely is an adorable company with darling packaging and top notch customer service. It’s very easy shopping with this company. Here is the official scent description for Supreme Sugar Cookie:

“Sweet warm and gooey with creamy vanilla, a hint of butter and lots of yummy sugar crystals! Mmm… this is the Supreme Sugar Cookie!”

It literally took one cold sniff of Supreme Sugar Cookie to realize I didn’t even have to burn this candle to know I already liked it…. once I burned it, ooooooh my word and goodness, YUMMY!! The melts were equally as Supreme Sugar Cookie scented candle review, Soy Lovely Candles,, the site for candle loversdelicious and very strong and lasting (I even think I preferred the melts more than the candle). Now, I don’t know if this scent smells exactly like a sugar cookie or what I perceived a sugar cookie should smell like but dude, DUDE, it should!…it’s spectacular and for sure smelled like a cookie of some sort and it’s super strong and rich. It’s flakey and buttery and so full of bakery goodness, your nose almost aches smelling this fragrance. It’s a moan inducing, swoon worthy scent!!

Can you tell how much I loved this scent? No? Okay, let me put it another way…. if this fragrance were the product of real cookies baking in my oven, the drool would be dripping off my kids and husband’s chins at the mere thought of eating such a scent!! Picture that my friends!! I highly recommend this one!!

Visit Soy Lovely Candles



Gourmet Sugar Cookie scented candle review, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversGourmet Sugar Cookie from Circle E Candles

I actually hesitated buying this candle because of the scent name but figured, that’s unfair and I didn’t want to be discriminatory just because the title had “gourmet” in it.Circle E Candles are a popular and big brand of candles… I’m not super familiar with them (have always wanted to review them) but never wanted to fork out the cash flow to buy a bunch. You see, I can’t bring myself to buy just one or two candles and at 21 bucks a pop, that’s a chunk of change. I finally did though and bought enough to get free shipping (love free shipping) and bought Gourmet Sugar Cookie for this review. Here is the scent description from Circle E Candle’s website:

“The warm, ooey, gooey sweetness and creaminess of a sugar cookie right out of the oven! Who can resist the aroma of a freshly baked batch of cookies!? Mouth watering!”Gourmet Sugar Cookies scented candle reviews, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

That’s a nice scent description. Their jars are really nice by the way… they’re a thick square glass… my 28oz candle was double wicked, the only part I didn’t care for was the big round gold label on the face of each candle which I couldn’t remove. Not my style but that’s okay, that’s not really a deal breaker for me, just a minor annoyance. Now, onto the scent…

As far as sugar cookie scents go, Circle E’s version was pretty good… it even had a tiny bit of spice in the mix which was a nice change. I decided to burn this big ol’ candle in a small bathroom since I really wanted a concentrated scent and not so much to gauge the strength and boy, every time I walked into the room to take a whiff, the scent nearly knocked me over… very strong! So this candle would definitely do very well in a larger room. Critiquing the scent… it was nice… it wasn’t a very doughy or buttery scent but more of a bakery vanilla. It wasn’t really a “cookie” enough scent for me. I liked it but not sure if it was enough to buy it again.

Visit Circle E Candles



Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversCinnamon Sugar Cookies from Blue Moon Candles

Blue Moon Candles probably has some of the best presentation around when it comes to packaging. Every time you receive a candle from this company, it’s like you’re unraveling a Christmas gift with all the trimmings and you never know what you’re gonna get each time you order from this company. It’s almost like Lisa, (owner of Blue Moon) likes to surprise you… she really does take great delight with how each and every one of her candles looks and I’m constantly surprised and impressed with each candle I receive. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie from Blue Moon Candles, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies came to me decked out no less than perfect (see picture). The candle was in a thick glass jar (double wicked) with a heavy red polka dot decorative ribbon tied around the neck of the candle into a perfect bow. The wax was tan in color with colorful sprinkles and silver glitter embedded in the top of the wax. It looked exactly like a fun and decorative sugar cookie would look. It was so pretty, I hesitated burning it. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie is described as:

“We had this made because we didn’t like what usually passes for “sugar cookie” out there. There are no lemon or spice notes in our sugar cookie, in fact ours is more “sugar” than “cookie”. Our idea of the perfect sugar cookie scent was the cookie my grandma always made: soft, chewy, loaded with cinnamon sugar and sprinkles! We finally found it”!

What a great and full scent description and after reading that, I was really looking forward to burning this candle! Wanted to add, once lit, this candle looked even prettier… the silver glitter floats on top of the melted wax giving it an added glow along with the twin flames. Loved the whole look!
Cinnamon Sugar Cookies from Blue Moon Candle Co, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers
The scent itself was excellent! It smelled like a bakery vanilla cookie… it was warm, deep and rich with a strong throw that smelled just like a cookie baking in the oven. I didn’t really smell any cinnamon and that was fine… as long as it had an authentic cookie aroma, I was happy and Blue Moon’s version did! Loved it!

My only bit of advice if you purchase this candle, be *very* vigilant on trimming your wicks and I mean keep them pretty short. I hadn’t checked this candle for a couple of hours and came back to twin torches! Other than that, super great cookie scent and one I’ll for sure purchase again.

Visit Blue Moon Candles

Okay folks, after reviewing 12 different sugar cookie scents, I now gladly turn the reins over to Lisa….

Continue to page 3 – Lisa’s reviews…

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