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Our BIG Sugar Cookie Scented Candle Review

Our BIG Sugar Cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers
Our BIG Sugar Cookie Scented
Candle Review

by Christina & Lisa 


A comparison review of sugar cookie
scented candles and melts from over
18 different candle companies.



Christina Rylan scented candle reviews,, the site for candle loversIntroduction to our BIG Sugar Cookie Candle Review:

Sugar Cookies…. Mmmm…. that sweet, warm & comforting aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies is almost better than actually eating one. I’m only just beginning this review and can already imagine that wonderful home baked aroma of vanilla sugary dough Sugar Cookie Scented Candle Review,, the site for candle loversbaked till they’re soft, gooey and warm…. for a bakery scented lover, it’s indescribable and highly sought after. I know I’m always on that search for the perfect scent. To find that one of a kind fragrance that brings back childhood memories of baking cookies with mom or grandma. Of decorating each cookie with icing and sprinkles for a school party. I remember those days and love that I get to create those timeless memories with my kids. Those memories almost can’t be put into words and yet, when you smell that aroma, for a brief moment, it all comes back to you… that special place and time… can anything be better?

I love the aroma of warm from the oven sugar cookies but I’m picky. My perfect sugar cookie scent smells like buttery half baked dough or it may even have hints of cinnamon in it. I also like sugar cookie scents where you can actually smell the powdered sugar sprinkled on top or cookies with sweet sugary icing, YUM!! We all have different taste and criteria to our perfect scents so who knows what we each like and remember?… but with so many spins on this scent, the possibilities are endless… and because this is such a popular fragrance and one often asked of us at Candlefind, we decided to see if we could find that perfect sugar cookie scent.

In the prep phase of this review, I decided to make this comparison as objective as possible, so I actually baked different batches of sugar cookies throughout this review. I wanted to compare my candles and melts to the real thing. To me, real sugar cookies are a pretty simple fragrance… I smell a soft and buttery vanilla dough… so delicious and warm, it makes your nose curl. So what’s the downside other than a million calories? The scent doesn’t last once they’re done baking and that’s the beauty of candles…. you get that delicious smell but all day long for as long as you want. Now that’s a beautiful thing!!

Baking Sugar Cookies scented candle review,, the site for candle loversBy the time we tallied all the companies we were reviewing, it totaled at 18, That’s a lot for one person to take on so thank goodness I wasn’t alone on this sugar cookie adventure.

I hope our trip down “sugar cookie lane” will give you a nice well rounded comparison to help you decide which scent suits you best. At least, that is our hope… but we’ll let you be the judge.

My partner for this review is Lisa Carter, a bakery scent lover extraordinaire who loves sugar cookie scents as much as I do. A big HUGE thank you to Lisa for dedicating so much time to this one scent. It’s not easy and talk about major overload! Between the two of us, Lisa and I will be reviewing 21 different sugar cookie scents from various candle companies, large and small.

Enjoy sugar cookie lovers!



Our BIG Sugar Cookie scented candle reviewGrandma’s Sugar Cookie from Angie’s Country Candles 

I really like this company and was glad to see they offered a sugar cookie scent. I ordered a pack of grubby melts and an 8oz square mason jar for this review… I’ve always loved the packaging from Angie’s, very rustic and country in style which fits right in with the bakery theme. When I think of homemade bakery, I think of country and whimsical which is exactly the presentation this company produces.

When I first opened the lid of this candle to take that first all important whiff, my first impression was a sweet vanilla cake. I liked it but I wasn’t sure if it smelled like a sugar cookie yet. On cold sniff, it was very light so it was hard to gauge what precisely this scent would smell like burning. Scent description fromAngies Country Candles, Sugar Cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers Angie’s site:

“Fresh from the oven, smooth vanilla with crunchy sugar sprinkles.”

I lit my candle and gave it some time to ferment in my powder room and also started some melts going in my great room so the entire upper level of my house would be saturated with this fragrance. There’s nothing quite like your house smelling like you’ve been baking all day. I just love that warm and cozy feeling bakery scents evoke and I can always count on Angie’s to help me achieve that goal… she has some killer bakery scents.

So, did my house smell like smooth vanilla with crunchy sugar crystals? I think so. I don’t know about the sugar crystal part but I would say my candle and melts gave off a nice (but subtle) bakery vanilla aroma. It was smooth and reminded me more of vanilla cake rather than cookies baking but I liked it. The scent itself seemed very light so my only regret was that it wasn’t stronger. I think I would have enjoyed it even more had the fragrance saturated the rooms I had the candle and melts going in.

Visit Angie’s Country Candles (now Balloons Gifts (candles) by Lori



Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversSugar Cookie from Tara’s Candle Cottage

Tara’s Candle Cottage has become one of my favorite online stores for melts. LOVE LOVE this site!!!  Here is the scent description from Tara’s site: 

“Warm baked sugar cookies sprinkled with lots of sugar.”

This is a delicious and wonderful sugar cookie! It’s smooth, warm and so gooey and sweet… you’ll want to wrap yourself in it like a warm blanket. It’s one of my staple scents from Tara’s and one I blend with her scent creator often… a place where you can blend her fragrances to your hearts content. – it’s awesome and a must try if you’re after an authentic sugar cookie scents.


Visit Tara’s Candle Cottage



Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversMerry Cookie from Bath & Body Works 

Bath & Body Works is really impressing me with their entire line of candles. The scents are so realistic and all the candles I’ve tried so far are burning to perfection. Merry Cookie is all the way a sugar cookie scent and man is it AWESOME!!!! Here’s the scent description:

“A magical scent inspired by decorating Christmas cookies as a child, blending pure vanilla, butter and sugar. One of eight nostalgic collection fragrances inspired by the holidays at home.”

This candle is so freaking YUM, you will want to grab a glass of milk and dig into this candle like it was cookie dough ice cream!! This scent is totally vanilla, butter and sugar, warm, enticing and mouth watering!! I’m grabbing as many as I can before these babies are gone!!

Visit Bath & Body Works



Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversSugar Cookie from Gold Canyon Candles 

Gold Canyon are a really big brand and a favorite company of mine. I’ve tried many candles in my day and Gold Canyon are one of the best in my opinion. Sugar Cookie from Gold Canyon is described as:

“A customer favorite, our recipe perfectly combines sweet cream, sugar and vanilla!”

I purchased a 16oz double wicked candle (my favorite size) and decided to Gold Canyon Candles Sugar Cookie Scented candle review,, the site for candle loversburn it in my bedroom. Cold sniff didn’t produce much of an opinion… I could smell the vanilla but not much else. Once lit, I’d say I started noticing the scent within a half hour and the aroma that greeted my nose was a nice and consistent vanilla fragrance. Did it smell like a sugar cookie? Hmmm… I didn’t think so. I liked it but to me, this scent was simply a nice bakery vanilla. I didn’t get that warm from the oven doughy, buttery, yummy aroma I was craving.

Just before I started this candle, I baked a batch of ready-made sugar cookies (I’m lazy, cut me some slack) so I could smell the difference between the two and Pillsbury definitely won this round. This sugar cookie candle simply lacked that warm doughy, fresh baked cookie smell. But, to be fair, I think this scent did smell just like they describe in their scent description. It was a sweet-creamy vanilla.

In closing, I think I would buy this candle again but not because I thought it was the “ultimate” sugar cookie scent. I would buy it because I thought it was a nice vanilla fragrance.

Visit Gold Canyon Candles



Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversFrosted Sugar Cookies from LOL Candles

This is one of my all time favorite companies so it was a must to include a sugar cookie scent from LOL. Allison has two sugar cookie scents, Gourmet Sugar Cookies and Frosted Sugar Cookies. I chose Frosted for one reason and one reason only…. I absolutely and irrevocably cannot stand any and all gourmet sugar cookie scents I’ve tried and it doesn’t matter from what company either. It’s gotta be the same oil because to me, it does not agree with my nose. It’s got a weird twangy-funk smell that I can’t stand or describe. I’m told some people love it and some hate it… I think you can guess where my opinion falls. I asked Allison about the scent “Gourmet sugar cookies”, gave her my thoughts on it and she laughed because she knew exactly what “funk smell” I was talking about. So with that being said, I think you can also safely guess that out of the 20 companies being reviewed, there will not be one “Gourmet Sugar Cookie” scent amongst the lot (that I’m reviewing anyway)…. sorry. I’mLOL Candles, Frosted Sugar Cookie scented candle review, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers usually willing to sacrifice for the good of “candle-kind” but not this time. 

So, on to my review of Frosted Sugar Cookies…. let’s start off with the scent description:

“Fresh baked sugar cookies with the most sweetest icing.”

I’m not gonna lie, I had high hopes for this one! LOL has never let me down yet when it comes to loving their fragrances and after trying 4 sugar cookie scents that I felt were lacking authenticity, I was beginning to get discouraged.

I stuck with melts and purchased their huge 2oz pop tarts… popped one in each of my melters in the biggest room in my house and waited for the magic to begin. I’d say maybe 10 minutes into melting them, a nice and steady sweet aroma began drifting through my home. Aaaaahhhh, finally!! A scent worthy of my nose!! Describing the aroma, I would say I smell a sweet and buttery fragrance…. it was doughy with the perfect touch of sweet sugary vanilla. I loved it!!!! My only wish is that it would have been a lot stronger. I could smell the fragrance throughout my great room but it teased me… it was just one of those scents you want to saturate every nook and cranny of your house. Two thumbs up….. loved it!!

Visit Laughing Out Loud Candles



Warm sugar cookie from Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversWarm Sugar Cookie from Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles 

Sugar & Spice is one of my favorite soy companies to buy melts and bath & body from. This site has some great custom bakery blends that I can’t live without so I’m pretty much a regular here. Shanna (owner of Sugar & Spice) is a doll face and keeps my favorite scents well stocked just for me. Her personal touch and attention always amazes me and keep me coming back.

I haven’t had time to officially review Sugar & Spice yet for Candlefind but I plan to very soon. Right now, I need to focus on sugar cookie scents and was glad to find Shanna had her own version of this yummy scent. I purchased big tart cups for this review and they are huge 2oz cups. Scent description directly from Sugar & Spice:

“The best sugar cookie scent anywhere! Warm, rich and buttery cookies straight out of the oven! Our exclusive blend!”

I’m not gonna lie, when I smelled these melts before putting them in my burners, my eyes just about rolled to the back of my head…. YUMMY!!!!!!! It smelled like warm and flakey dough that melts in your mouth… mmm mmm good!! Just smelling these melts, you want to take dainty nibbles as if you Warm Sugar Cookies from Sugar & Spice, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loverswere eating a delicate pastry. I don’t know what it is with me and doughy-bakery scents but they absolutely grab me on a very basic caveman level. I can’t get enough of them!!

This scent is absolutely scrumptious! It’s not spicy… to me, it smells like warm and sweet dough cooking in the oven. It’s sweet, warm and comforting and if I found a cookie that smelled like this, I would devour these things. I could even slather this scent all over me as a bath and body product, I liked it that much! My only criticism is that this scent wasn’t near strong enough for me… the aroma was very subtle, basically teasing me the entire time I had it melting. It smelled SO good, I wanted this scent to drench my home and saturate every nook and cranny of space. I wanted it to seep into my leather furniture, my carpet, my bed spreads, my walls! Get the picture?

In closing, loved this scent, I only wish it would have been stronger. Maybe I can convince Shanna to try? It’s worth a shot!! But even if she can’t, I’ll continue to buy it regardless, I liked it THAT much!! Excellent sugar cookie scent, I thought it smelled better than the real deal.


Visit Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles


Continue Reading: Powdered Sugar Cookie from For Every Body, Sugar Cookie from Nene’s Kitchen Melts, Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie from The Spotted Hog Candle Co plus many more.


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