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Kathy Ireland Home Baked Crumb Cake Collection Scented Candle Review

Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake Scented Candles





by Christina Rylan

Kathy Ireland ~ Home Solutions


Type: Home Baked Crumb Cake Scented
Candles (found at Walgreens Drugstore)


Vanilla Cream Crumb Cake,
Cranberry Orange Crumb Cake,
Oatmeal Raisin Crumb Cake
Caramel Pecan Crumb Cake

Cost: $8.99

Scent Strength: Medium




IntroductionChristina Rylan scented candle reviews to my review of Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake Collection Candles:

Once upon a time… back in the day when I dubbed myself “normal”… I could walk into a Walgreens with purpose…. with clear and present resolve to pick up my prescription, maybe buy some Advil, cough drops, sift through all my favorite gossip magazines… buy some gum or tic tacs. You know… go in, buy normal drugstore paraphernalia, then leave!! For some reason, I can’t do that! Instead, I walk in Sheepish look from candle shopping,, the site for candle loversand am easily distracted…. I find myself walking past an aisle that carries candles, CANDLES!!… it stops me dead in my tracks. Before I know it, I’m camped out on my knees in the middle of the toilet paper aisle with 8 opened scented candles surrounding me (with me) sniffing away in contented bliss.

Before I continue with more self reflection, let me first say that I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this particular brand of candles so why not sniff a few to see what the humdrum is, right? That was my reasoning and logic… so I let my guilt dissolve and went about deciding what to buy. What I didn’t count on was that pretty much every candle I sniffed smelled quite yummy and was so deliciously tempting… I ended up buying two of each scent (minus the pumpkin, I’m sick of pumpkin right now). Now, you’re probably thinking, why buy 2 of each scent? Well, because what if I really like it and I go back for more and they’re gone? I’ve had that happen before and I don’t like it. Besides, this habit of mine keeps my house smelling good so I consider it a “household” expense and therefore, a total justifiable purchase. 😉

Now, the brand I’m speaking of are Kathy Ireland candles. Yes, that beautiful and gorgeous model many years ago has her own candle line. How she ended up having her own brand of Crumb Cakecandles will have to be another topic of discussion. (I find it interesting.) But the actual manufacturer of the candles is Hanna’s Candles. Hanna’s is a pretty big company and I’ve enjoyed quite a few fragrances from Hanna’s and think for the price, they’re pretty darn good. They’re supposed to be soy as well so if you’re a soy lover and after an inexpensive brand… here you go! On a side note: the label on these candles say “soy blend” so these are likely not 100% soy.

The candle line at Walgreens I’m reviewing are from Kathy Ireland’s – Home Baked Crumb Cake Collection. The words “crumb cake” pretty much sealed the deal for me…. Any scent that has crumb in it is usually up my alley. Kathy Ireland has a ton of different themed candles so for the full scoop of what she carries, you can visit her website. You can also find a few of her candles at Walgreens Drugstores (which is where I bought mine). Don’t have a store near you? No worries, you can shop online at and find all that you need.

The scents I’m reviewing are Vanilla Cream Crumb Cake, Cranberry Orange Crumb Cake, Oatmeal Raisin Crumb Cake, & Caramel Pecan Crumb Cake. Bakery lovers, is your nose twitching after reading those scents? They should be!



Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake scented candles,, the site for candle loversWhat do my Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake candles look like?

For the price, these are pretty cool looking candles. The jar is kind of a ribbed kitchen canister type glass jar with a black screw on lid. There is a label on the bottom of the jar with the company and scent name and a card type label is tied around the neck of the jar with a picture of Kathy & some other dude. Inside, it explains Kathy Ireland’s cause and the benefits of soy wax.

The top layer of the candle is the best part…. It’s broken up wax resembling bakery crumbs you would find on the top of a pie or cake… this totally goes along with the whole “Crumb Cake” theme, loved it! All my candles were double wicked.



How did Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake candles smell?

Vanilla Cream Crumb Cake

Mmmmmm, I love the smell of creamy vanilla scents, especially bakery ones!! This candle smelled SO yummy and so bakery, I could barely stop sniffing the candle unlit!! This scent is described as:
Vanilla Cream Crumb Cake scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers
“Vanilla-buttery-fresh cream!” I don’t know how to describe this scent other than it really is a delicious vanilla bakery scent. I even think you could get away with calling this a vanilla sugar cookie. It was very creamy, smooth and utterly comforting. The scent throw was light to medium. This isn’t an “in your face” fragrance but still nice and one you can detect the moment you walk into the room.My only beef is that I could only burn through 2 inches of this candle before the wicks pooped out. Didn’t matter what I did, I even tried dumping a ton of wax and although that worked right after I did it, it was short term. I even lit the duplicate candle I bought in this scent thinking it was a fluke and nope, the second one did it too. I was super-duper bummed because I really loved this scent!!





Cranberry Crumb Cake scented candle review,, the site for candle loversCranberry Orange Crumb Cake

I normally don’t care for fruity type bakery scents… they just don’t agree with me but for some reason, I liked this scent. Cold sniff produced a warm bakery flavor with a touch of fruit. Normally, fruity/bakery scents tend to smell fake to me so I usually steer clear of those. I think I liked this one because the cake part seemed way more prominent. I couldn’t find a scent description for this scent so I’m gonna have to wing it, sorry. I hate doing that since having a scent description helps me break down what I’m smelling. Winging it and trying to explain to you what I’m smelling isn’t an easy task sometimes.

So, Cranberry Orange Crumb Cake! What did it smell like? Well, it smelled like a fruit cake. LOL!! I couldn’t really smell any orange… to me, this scent was all cranberry cake and it was nice. It didn’t smell fake or synthetic… I found it to be a sweet-cakey-cranberry scent.

The scent throw was pretty decent. I had this candle burning in my master bedroom, a rather large room and the scent carried through the whole room and then some. That’s pretty good! Liked this candle but I would have loved it even more had the darn thing burned right. Again, these candles fizzled out maybe 2 inches into burning them. I was not happy!




Oatmeal Raisin Crumb Cake

This scent almost seemed too good to be true… I loved the smell of this candle Oatmeal Raisin Crumb Cake scented candle review,, the site for candle loverssniffing it unlit… it smelled just like I would want an oatmeal raisin bakery scent to smell. No scent description again to go off of but this one is pretty straightforward to me.

I could smell the oatmeal (maybe a touch of raisins) but for the most part, this was such a wonderful and perfect sweet bakery bread scent. It was soooooooo delicious… I could have nibbled on this candle with my morning cup of coffee! Once lit…. it didn’t seem as sweet but it was still good. The scent throw was medium which is pretty decent to me.

Hanna’s really nailed this scent head on…. too bad the wicks pooped only letting me burn 2 inches into this candle, if that! ((shaking head))




Caramel Pecan Crumb Cake

This was by far my favorite scent of the four I tried and that’s saying something since I really liked all of them. This candle smelled SO good, it was all I could do not to eat this candle with a fork and glass of milk. I don’t have a scent Caramel Pecan Crumb Cake scented candle review,, the site for candle loversdescription to go off of but man, this scent smelled just like a moist and freshly baked piece of cake. It was the most sweet and delicious bread smell, I just loved it!!

I’m really into caramel scents right now and pecan (if it’s subtle) and this fragrance was such a perfect blend. I couldn’t really pinpoint caramel or pecan if I’m being honest… it just smelled like the quintessential cozy and warm/bakery cake scent.

Now…. if only this candle would have burned correctly… boy, at this point, I’d settle for getting through even half the candle!! Geesh!




Candle flameHow did Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake candles burn?

I am not one to jump to negativity and am all for giving the benefit of the doubt but I’ve got to say, this was the worstThumbs down,, the site for candle lovers set of candles I’ve ever burned. I burned, I would say, 8 candles during the process of this review and every single candle was defective. Every single one. The candles themselves were very well presented and lovely but the wicks I’m sorry to be so blunt, sucked!! They all started off great, nice steady flames, even burn… but I would say 1 to 2 inches into burning through each candle, the wicks would fizzle out. VERY frustrating!! It didn’t matter if I didn’t trim my wicks, dumped out wax, prayed over the darn things…. every single candle did the same thing. Now, I am not a dunce when it comes to candle maintenance…. I know when and how to trim my wicks, keep my candles away from drafts etc… but to no avail, nothing worked or helped.To say that I was very disappointed with the burn performance of this candle line would be an understatement.


Overall opinion of my Kathy Ireland Crumb Cake Collection candles:

You can’t beat the price of these candles. 9 bucks for an 18oz candle is an excellent price and pretty much unheard of these days…All in all, I would say buying this specific line is a crap shoot but if you happen to be in a Walgreens and you love bakery scents, go smell some. I bet you you’ll buy at least one based off the scent alone. They definitely are yummy…. it’s getting them to actually burn and stay lit that’s the trick!!Happy candle smelling!

~ Christina


Purchase Kathy Ireland Home Baked Crumb Cake Candles at Walgreens

Have you tried these candles from Kathy Ireland? Comment/review and star rate them with us. We’d love to know what your experience was.

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  • Kathy Ireland Home Baked Candles
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  • Last modified: October 17, 2014

Review Summary:

Ever think about shopping at Walgreen's Drug Store for scented candles? I did and actually found some yummy smelling bakery candles there. The brand is Kathy Ireland and the series is from her Home Baked Crumb Cake Collection...

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