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Yuzu Blackberry, Lime Mojito & Grapefruit Pomegranate Candles - Village Candle


Lime Mojito scented candle


by Christina Rylan

Brand:Village Candle

Yuzu Blackberry
Lime Mojito
Grapefruit Pomegranate

16oz Village Round Collection

15.00 per jar - plus shipping

Burn time:
Approx. 65“ 75 hours

Scent Strength: Strength varies with each fragrance



Christina review spotted hog candlesIntroduction to My Review of Three Scented Candles from Village Candle...

Village Candle is a company I've been been ordering from for years now and love their candles. Very reasonably priced and awesome customer service.

Their website is gorgeous, easy to browse with descriptive pictures and scent descriptions. Something I appreciate as an online candle shopper... I heavily rely on descriptions. Their fragrances rotate seasonally so if you have a scent you find you love, stock up or shoot them an email to ask if it's a seasonal scent.

Ordering from Village is pretty fast. Shipping was pretty quick and everything arrived in perfect condition.  All my candles smelled wonderful and I was very happy with all my choices. I purchased all summer scents. "Mmmmmmmm". with the initial smell test, all of them smell totally delicious and most are worthy of a repeat purchase!  Out of the bunch, I decided to review Yuzu Blackberry, Grapefruit Pomegranate & Lime Mojito.





Village roundWhat Do My 16 oz Candles Look Like?

My candles are in the classic 16oz round apothecary jars with dome lids.  Yuzu Blackberry is a dark purple, Grapefruit Pomegranate is a pinkish/red color and Lime Mojito is a light green.  My candles were double wicked.

How Did My Candles Smell?

Yuzu Blackberry:

This is a very tart fragrance and unlike any blackberry candle I've ever tried.  When I popped open the lid for the first time, it smelled really sour, not sweet.  I couldn't smell blackberries very well but only because of the tartness which must be the Yuzu part.  The scent description for this fragrance is:

"Ripe blackberries with yuzu (Japanese lime) create a juicy mouth-watering citrus fragrance"

This is a very tangy fragrance and I absolutely loved it!!  I like anything with berries, throw tart in the mix and I'm in heaven!  The scent throw is nice and strong and my whole house smelled awesome.  Even after letting my candles burn for awhile, the tartness of the Yuzu still dominated the fragrance.  The fragrance was so mouth-watering, just like the description says and if you could bite into this candle, your whole face would pucker up because of the strong tartness.  I loved the Yuzu and plan to watch out for candles with that name in it.  Tart lovers, this one is very worthy of a repeat purchase.

Grapefruit Pomegranate

Sadly I must write that I'm really disappointed with this one. This fragrance sounded so promising, I can never say no to a grapefruit and I also love pomegranate so I was really excited to try this candle.  It smells great when you put your nose up to it cold but that's the only time I could smell it, even after an entire day of burning.  I can smell a slight fragrance if I stand right next to it but not exactly realistic to do that.  I tried the, "go outside for a bit and come back in" to see if I could smell it better and still very faint scent.  BUMMER!!  I don't like to give negative feedback on a candle until I'm as sure as one can be so I asked several people who are candle lovers as well if they could smell my candles and it was the same, no fragrance.  Who knows, maybe my nose just couldn't smell it and if you decide to give Grapefruit Pomegranate a try, hopefully, you have better luck than I did.






Lime Mojito:Lime Mojito scented candle

Thankfully, I could smell this one loud and clear.  As a matter of fact, about ten minutes after I lit my candles, I started to notice the fragrance.  This Lime Mojito candle was a blend of lime and mint with both blended pretty good because one is not dominating over the other.

I love a great Lime Mojito when I eat out and I've tried my fair share. I've even made my share. I would generally say it can't be an easy scent to duplicate in wax. The lime must be crisp and zesty... the mint fresh with a perfect touch of club soda fizz, oh and let's not forget a squirt of white rum. That be a mint mojito. That is what I expect when I see that fragrance in a candle.

Village Candles version was a nice Lime Mint and boy was it strong. All in all, I think they did a pretty good job.





How Did My Village Candles Burn?

My candle were double wicked and burned clean with no waste.

Overall Opinion of My Candles and Village Candle Company:closing to my review

Another awesome experience with Village Candle. These candles are so reasonably priced, it makes it easy to purchase some when you need a candle fix.

Summer scents are my favorite and with the exception of Grapefruit Pomegranate... I loved them all.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

Click here to shop for Village Candles.

Beckett Media, LLC

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