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Krazy Lady Candles – Candle Review

Krazy Lady Candles review by Avery Jordan 

Company: Krazy Lady Candles

“Muffin” Votives  – 3/$12.00 (CAD) $12.43 US

Clamshell tarts   2/$10.00 (CAD) $10.36 US

16 oz. candles ”“ $19.00 (CAD)  $19.67 US
Or 2/ $34.00 (CAD)

(US prices adjusted on site as needed.)

Muskoka Boathouse
China Rain
Berry Burst



Avery Jordan scented candle reviewsIntroduction to my Krazy Lady Candle review:

Etsy is one of those websites that is magic ”“ it makes time disappear!  The minute I log on to the front page with its clever, color coordinated crafts, (alliteration! I have alliteration!), I lose track of time and purpose.  There are so many cool things ”“ from handmade to vintage.  I find things I have never seen before ”“ and things I did not realize that I needed! 

Esty is a wonderful site for wax shopping! Here is a perfect example: Krazy Lady Candles, Soy Candles and Things.  The owner of this site, Jennifer, has several sizes of candles and there are clamshell melts as well.  Krazy Lady also has a couple of unique items: beverage candles (like cocoa and espresso) and mason jar tealight holders.

Checking the site, there are a couple dozen scents ”“ I don’t see a scent description list tucked away, but most are scents that we are familiar with.   Oh ”“ and don’t let the ordering business intimidate you if you have never ordered from an Etsy vendor.  The “stores” generally have a place to contact the owner if you have questions, and shipping is usually combined with a purchase of multiple items.   You will note that this vendor is Canadian ”“ but she posts the current US price for her items on her site as well.




What did my candles look like?Krazy Lady Candles review

The muffin votive is sooo darn cute!  I am not sure how you burn something like this!  It has fluffy white “frosting” on top.  The clamshells are in the usual format with the label on top, and the mason jar candles…well, they are mason jars!  They have colored wax to match the scent and they have a coordinating gingham ribbon.  The scent label is on the top of the lid. The labeling is done in natural brown paper.




How did my candles from Krazy Lady smell? 

Muskoko Boathouse

One of the scents I am testing is not “self-explanatory”!  Named Muskoko Boathouse, this tan candle is a masculine scent on cold Muskoko Boathouse scented candle reviewsniff. (I am guessing this is named after a scenic area in Ontario ”“ well known for resorts due to the number of lakes in the area.)

When this candle started burning, I was aware of a woodsy-cedar scent.  After some burn time, there was a smoky quality to the scent.   It was a cloudy, cool day when I fired this one up ”“ and it was a great scent for the dreary weather.  It “smells” best when you burn it for a couple hours, let it rest, then harden and relight.  (Prolonged burning brought out the hot soy scent.)

The tan tart comes in the clamshell form.  I decided that the smoky, woodsy scent was best a background scent so I started with one cube in a 24w  melter.  Perfect!  That cube was enough to softly scent the testing room!  I think one cube will do it!




Next up: 

China RainChina Rain scented candle review

This was one of the first “clean” scents I tried, waaay back when I discovered tarts. As I recall, some of the notes were listed as vanilla, wisteria and sandalwood, in previous versions I tried.  This candle smells like the scent I remember ”“ to me it is strongest in the wisteria notes.  I have always seen this scent in soft blue ”“ which also adds to the fresh and clean power of suggestion!  This candle has a light throw, fine for the powder, but gets lost in the regular testing room.

Once again the tart is a clamshell.  Like the candle, it is light blue.  As with the previous scent, I only used one cube.  This time I decided to try only one because when China Rain is strong, it is strong! I gambled wisely ”“ one cube was aplenty! It was not killer-strong, it was just the right amount to use to make the room seem clean.  This is one of those fool ’em scents ”“ company coming, no time to clean… plug in the melter and all is good!




Final scent: 

Berry Burst

This candle is a two tone version ”“ half white, half purple, again with the gingham ribbon.  I was really interested in trying this one, it is the one that Jennifer suggested.  Since she has the inside track, I figured the scent should be a good one!

This berry scent is a heavier scent, more of a blackberry than sweet, fruity, berry.  It has an unusual finish, almost like there is a little fizzy note.

The throw from the candle was light.  It lightly scented the powder room. I also found it best to burn this one for just an hour or two at a time and let it harden and cool before lighting again for the best berry Berry Burst scented candle reviewscenting. It does linger, I could smell it an hour later, when I opened the powder room door.

The purple tarts were fairly strong when I used two cubes in an electric melter (24w). I also tried a tea light melter.  With the heat of the tea light, I only needed one cube to have a nice amount of berry fragrance in the testing room, but as usual, the quick heat from the tea light caused the scent to burn off in about two hours.

Also included in my box of candles from  Krazy Lady were a couple of very cute muffin votive candles.  One is Blueberry Muffin, one is Cinnamon Chai.  The scent radiating off of them is pretty amazing.  I opened the box and left it sitting on the counter.  I could smell the yummy blueberry muffin smell from several feet away! I am not the only one smitten with these votives ”“ they placed 2nd at Jennifer’s  state fair! I did not have the heart to burn these cute little candles ”“ I have more fun using the “edible” looking style in decorating.




Candle flameHow do my candles burn?

No soot, normal amount of trimming needed prior to each burn.  One wick was slightly off center, but nudges with a candle “tool” centered it and all was well.  They burned completely ”“ there was very little wax residue on the sides, no tunnels!




Closing to my review:

I enjoyed testing these candles and learning more about this website.  The  candles burn without difficulty, and the strength is best in a small to medium room.  The clamshell tarts have quite a throw ”“ often one cube fragrances enough for me! 

I especially enjoyed the unique items she offers, like the muffin Closing to my reviewvotives   Since I am often referred to as “the candle lady”, (OK, sometimes it is the “obsessed” candle lady…), I am known for frequently giving candles as gifts.  I love finding unusual candles that smell good and are also clever.

Final thought:  go a little Krazy yourself, and check out this fun Etsy website!

Happy candle smelling!

~ Avery


Visit Krazy Lady Candles Etsy Store


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